a moment of weakness.

I dunno what happened to me.

With the exam looming so close, I find myself trying to evade it. I often turn to other things to keep my mind off it, but I know I must revise.

But I am so afraid of failing again. I am afraid of the disappointment again. I know what I must do, but to be honest I am really scared of facing it again. I am just truly afraid. Because I don’t think I can face the consequences of failing again.

I know I get countless support from my family, but I can’t seem to shake this fear away.

I thought I’m stronger than this. :'( I can’t help but cry when I write this down, because I’m admitting my fear that has been bugging me. I feel like giving myself some slaps to get me up and snap out of this.

So there you have it. A deep part of me that I won’t usually show to people.