week 5.

I have had a pretty eventful week, with an important review with my manager on Tuesday, an outing with his family on Wednesday and ended the week with lots of packing and cleaning during the weekends.

The review turned out to be pretty good, I’ve received some really positive feedbacks and they have told me about some things that I should improve on. Overall, I’m just glad about the feedbacks! This review is very important because it will affect whether they decide to take me for the 1-year internship I have to do after graduating, so I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. :)

* * *



The on Wednesday, his parents came over to the island and I brought them around for a bit. I was so nervous about meeting them, to be honest, because I was slightly concerned about the cultural difference and I’m not exactly sure what they were expecting.

But it turned out okay, and it was a fun day albeit it was a very hot and humid day. They were really friendly and cute (yes, cute hahaha), and I really like them!

* * *

During the weekend, I had to go back to Portsmouth because our current accommodation’s contract is ending this month, so we had to pack and clean everything before we go.

It was sunny on Sunday and we took a break and went out shopping because Crabtree & Evelyn was having massive sales, and I bought four 500ml lotions for only RM30!! That is superbly cheap considering the brand, and it is very comfortable to use and it smells really good too. :))


We walked around enjoying the sun, and one of my friend was playing with her newly-bought instant camera, hence the following pictures.



She made me really tempted to get one for myself, because the pictures came out really cute and I love how the colours are so bright! It just seems like miniature us inside the frames!




We went for an afternoon tea in a tea shop named ‘The Garage’ :) because it used to be a garage before it was converted into a tea shop. I had a red velvet cake, which is something I’ve always always wanted to try since reading about it on other people’s blogs. It didn’t disappoint me though, because it tasted just nice, not too sweet and creamy.


While we were chilling in the shop, it suddenly rained while the sun was still shining. It was such a magical moment and couldn’t be captured on the camera. The sunlight reflected on each tiny drops of rain, making them appear to be tiny golden flakes swirling around in air. It was a really pretty sight that had mesmerised me.


* * *

3 more weeks to go.

Then it’ll be followed by 1 week in HK, and 3 weeks at home.

I can’t wait! :D


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