down in the heart or hidden in the stars above

I guess tonight’s a night of many thoughts.

I’ve bought a book recently (and donated it back to the shop today) – The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, and it was a really good read. It has been such a long time since I read novels, and since I have more free time now, I decided I should get back my habit of reading.
I really recommend the book if you’re into mysteries, but it’s not the same as detective stories. It’s more of a mystery about people that used to live in an old house and what happened to them.

* * *

Currently listening to: Free Fallin’ by John Mayer

* * *

I’ve learnt something recently. Our attitude towards things are really important, and it affects how we carry ourselves and how other people perceive us.
In fact, it affects everything about us.

Yesterday I watched a taiwanese talkshow about twins, which is quite a coincidence, since The Thirteenth Tale was about twins. Anyway, among the twins, there’s always one that is outgoing and another that is shy. And it was interesting to observe! The more outgoing twin always seem more cheerful and full of smiles and appeared more confident, while the shy twin is more reserved and generally smiled lesser than the other.

It made me think. Because they gave me the opportunity to see two different personalities in the same person (well sort of, if you get what I mean). And I have to say, the outgoing one is more appealing because they seem so much more approachable.

It’s interesting, this twin business. :)

* * *

Currently listening to: Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

* * *

I guess one thing about being more mature, is that I become more understanding and less demanding. Becoming more rational, or maybe it’s just because it isn’t the time of the month yet.

I’d like to believe I’ve grown.

But to me, maintaining that constant line of communication is really important, even simple messages daily is enough as long as we are communicating. If not, what is the point of a relationship if we don’t know what is going on in each other’s lives?

Oh LDR, we’ve met again. But this time, I think I am definitely more prepared to face this.

* * *

Double exposure on 120film in Barcelona.

Loving my TLR.


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