pitch black

One of my pet peeves is people getting too close to me/touching me without my consent, whether its a conscious or subconscious consent.

It’s super uncomfortable.

* * *

My friend and I was walking down this street at night, there were a few shops that were still open so we lingered around at those shops, because there were quaint accessories that captured my attention.

After we came out of the last shop that was opened, we decided to continue down the street to explore. It was night time, and somehow the streetlights weren’t working, so it was a really dark street. My senses were heightened and my heart started pumping a little bit.

We then passed by this weird truck that had several people lingering around it, which made me even more alert.

After that, the darkness got to a point where we couldn’t see and we had to hook our arms together, but still I don’t know why we were still walking down that street.

All of a sudden, I could feel several people closing in on us. One of them grab hold of my right arm, another grabbed my friend’s left arm, and one was pushing me from the front. I panicked, but it was so dark I couldn’t see, and all I could feel is this oppressive feeling all around me. Pure fear shot through my veins, and I started to struggle against them but they were so strong.

I struggled, with adrenaline coursing through my body, against these dark forceful beings, and the worst thing is I could not see anything in the darkness.

And then I woke up.


4 thoughts on “pitch black

    1. lol.. did misunderstood while reading through the post.. but at the end knew it was just a dream.. hence the “thanksssss” part… thanks for scaring.. lol…. it was thrilling as i read, have to admit that.. lol but yea just be careful la going anywhere.. not sure the place u are at is how but possibilities are there…

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