loving the change.

Small update!

I had a haircut on friday and had all my long hair chopped off. I told the hairstylist what I wanted and I think he did a really good job! I showed him pictures of Kina Grannis (i love her new hair!) and another YT girl’s hair.

And when he was about to start, he asked me if he can start, I felt that it was weird because since he’s the hairstylist he decides when to start isn’t it? But then when he said I’m very brave afterwards, I realised he was expecting me to cry or something. Yeah I know some girls are emotionally-attached to their long hair, but to me, hair is just hair, they will grow so no point crying over it :P

Before. I’ve probably had 8-12inches chopped off.

After. :DD

I am loving this look because it is different. I am slightly bored of the long hair look because when you walk down the street, 70% of the ladies have long hair. And I was just one of them.

But now, I’m the minority hahahha.

But the thing is, I need to spend more time styling the hair. When I had long hair, I could just brush my hands through it and I’m done. I’ll probably give it a month or two before deciding if I want to keep this hairstyle. :)


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