make do with what you have, and make it better for yourself.

Sometimes at odd moments like this, I’d be struck with a weird sense of content.

It’s raining outside, I could see the raindrops trickle down the window and hear the howls of the wind. Yet I am in a warm room, working on my assignment. I am safe from the harsh weather conditions, I have plenty of clothes and junk food. My feet are propped on my bed, under the duvet. I have gadgets like a laptop, phone, camera, and I have internet and hot water.

And while I’m sitting in my room comfortable, countries like Gaza and Israel are at war. I can’t imagine the terror and pain of the people there. There must be plenty of girls my age, victims of war that do not even know if there is a tomorrow. :(

Thoughts like these make me appreciate everything I have so much more. It’s because I have choices, no matter how small these choices might be, like what to have for dinner, or even which route I choose to go to class, I have power over my own fate. I am contented, I am grateful, and I will not waste all these opportunities, all these choices that I can make.



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