I bet some poeple out there had went out and bought “apocalypse survival kits” and stocked up on their food supplies and camped in their basement, in light of all the rumours of the world coming to an end today. There’s so many theories out there, about the sun moon earth lining in a straight line or something, about the earth’s poles reversing. There’s also plenty of 9gag jokes out there about this supposedly last day of the world.

Well, it is super sunny today, with absolutely no hints of meteors or zombies or tsunami. :)

BUT. Personally I think the world is going downhill. I mean look at the increasing numbers of natural disasters all over the world. Earthquakes in Japan and China, storms in US, it feels like the whole system is tipping over the edge. And then there’s the human greed. War. Fighting over an island. To me, the world is not just going to end in one day. It is a cumulative and slow progressive stage.

But who knows, maybe humans could survive the greed and the natural disasters.

* * *

Life is good. He is here with me for Christmas, and we are having a secret santa and christmas dinner with friends. We’ve been spending time together, going to London for the Winter Wonderland, lots of movie sessions, or just plain hang out in the town. Ahh how much I dislike LDR. There’s just a week or so left until he leaves, and then it’ll be another month or two before we can see each other.

Image*Winter Wonderland, 17/12/12


But I guess it’s better this way, because we tend to procrastinate a lot when we are together. And seeing that this year both of us are so busy with assignments/exams/dissertation, it’s good we have our own space to get our work done.

* * *

Image21/12/12 Winter Solstice, so we made tong yuen today. :)

My grandma always make it and there would be pink and green ones. Ah now we are making it ourselves, at least the tradition does not die down in our generation. Personally, I think our culture is important because if we don’t have these cultures, then what would we be? I want to be able to tell my children the stories behind winter solstice and autumn festival and CNY and 端午节 when they grow up. I want to teach them how to make tong yuen and dumplings and lanterns in the future. Because that’s what part of my childhood comprises of.

And bedtime stories of journey to the west. I remembered how much my brother and I loved to listen to my dad telling us those stories before we go take afternoon naps. We would always always beg for more. :)