The chill has finally decided to leave the UK, and I hope it lasts this time. It had been freezing for the past two weeks, and because I am in the southern most region, there is little snow.

It did snow heavily for a day, but most of it melted away on that night itself. When it snowed, my friends and I headed out for breakfast (yeah we don’t normally go out for breakfast, but when we do, it snows hahahaa) and then snow fights later on!

2013-01-18 13.27.34

* See the large snowman on the top left corner, we made that. And these 4 small snowmans. :D

2013-01-18 13.28.46

*Snowfights with the kids haha. They are vicious I tell you.

2013-01-18 14.25.10

* And that’s me rolling snow to make snowman. :)

2013-01-18 15.01.14

And it was quite funny. Because I’ve been watching the weather forecast quite religiously, hoping for it to snow, and the night before it was forecasted that it would snow the next day. So when I slept, I dreamt that it was snowing. I was peering out the window with someone (my mom or ? can’t really remember) and snow flurries down, I shouted with exhilaration that it’s finally snowing! With that shout, I woke myself up and I headed to the window immediately.

2013-01-18 08.19.04

I stood in front of the window for almost an hour, just staring at the little flurries of snow. It was around 7-ish am, so there weren’t much activities on the road yet. It was just like in the movies, silent and calm. I felt like I was living in a snow globe. And the heater is just right beneath the window, I remember the emotions that swirled through my heart, blessed that I am here experiencing this, blessed that I am in a warm room, and wonder at the beauty that nature gives us.

* * *

I noticed a slight change in my attitude towards things recently, probably in the recent few years. I am more gratified and contented with what I have, maybe gratitude is a better word. Personally, I think it’s good to feel grateful for the things we have in life, because then we can appreciate all these things and not take them for granted.

But contentment is something to watch out for. There’s nothing wrong with feeling satisfied with what we have, but beware of feeling TOO contented. To me, while we are still young, we need to have the urge to continue fighting. If we are feeling too contented, we might be trapped in our own comfort zone and feel that ahh life is good now why work harder why aim for higher. BUT nothing lasts forever, the state that we are in now will definitely not last for the next 50 years that we will still be alive. So while we are young, let’s work harder, let’s aim higher.


* * *

The sales have been crazy lately, and I succumbed to it. Hahaha.

2013-01-23 19.23.24-2

These only costs total of £9! A tee for £1 (RM5), maxi skirt for £3 (RM15) and military shorts for £5 (RM25)!! How can I resist!

2013-01-28 22.01.58

And oh I seem to be in love with heels these days. I love the extra height that they give but of course I still wear comfortable shoes 95% of the time. Skinny pants for £7 (RM35), The black-gold heel costs £12.50 (RM63 – slightly more expensive >.<), another pair of heels a gift from the bf only £7, and two belts for £5.

Muahahaha. Ok girly part over.

* * *

2013-01-21 08.42.39

I tried peanut butter  toast with banana toast the other day and it’s SOOO GOOOOOOOD!! Toast is crunchy on the outside and and the banana is soft inside.

And I haz instagram now lol. Remember I ranted about instagram and all the over-edited pics, well I succumbed to it. :P


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