Stress begins to take its toll on my skin. There’s only 8 more weeks to my project presentation, approx. 13 more weeks til I hand in my project, and 17 more weeks to exams.


And then graduation. I always think that ahh I won’t really feel lost when graduation looms so close, but maybe I’m starting to feel some apprehension about growing up and being responsible and making enough to support myself and my parents.

My mom told me the other day, that my dad plans to retire in 2015. I am happy to hear that, because frankly, after so many years of working and slaving himself to support us, he deserves it. He deserves to just stop and start enjoying life, because we (the kids) are adults now (ok maybe not yet for my brother, but in 2015 he will be lol).

On the other hand, I start to feel a little bit pressured. Being the eldest in the family, the responsibility of providing for the family naturally falls onto my shoulders. I know clearly that my parents don’t really need my financial support (they are really good planners and have their retirement plans all sorted out I think), but the responsibility is still there. It’s invisible, my parents never put any pressure on me to be honest, but I know I need to at least provide some financial support when I start work.


Well at least I have the next two to three years planned out. And if everything goes according to plan, *fingers crossed* all shall be well (for the time-being).


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