after so long.

I swear I have the most random dream.

In the first dream I was an assassin/spy, I can’t really remember much of the dream but the ceiling played a major part of it. It happened in a lab-ish kinda of place, and I just remembered the urgency to hide and huge white ceiling panes.

In the second dream, I met up with a girl I despised in high school, but oddly we were really good friends? She would put her arms across my shoulders as we walk and we’d chat cheerfully about things, but the eerie part is that I remembered I used to despise her. We then met up with some of my primary friends (totally random ones too), and bumped into someone I was aloof towards.

We yumcha at this oddly dark mamak/chinese shop, sitting outside of the shop, and then I started to teach a homeless woman’s kid english.



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