because it was all worth it.

Recently I have been thinking alot about myself, I’ve been doing some self-reflection because there are things constantly popping up that makes me think, hey I should probably do/handle this better in this/that way etc.

And one of it is the way I think. I realised that my mind has quite a negative tone, that sometimes I assume the worst out of a situation/person first, which is wrong you know. That’s not supposed to be the way I think, it’s judgemental and selfish and not giving chances to the situation/person. I’m not sure how long this negative voice has been living in my head, but i’ve only noticed it recently. I’m trying to change it, still trying, as sometimes I still catch myself thinking bad things.

Maybe I feel like I really am growing up, graduation is just around the corner, and I will be responsible for my own survival my own life, I just want to be better. I don’t want to be that bitter person that fills herself up with so many negative thoughts, it’s gonna stop her from achieving things.

It’s the final two months of my university life, and in these two months, I’ll be so busy with dissertation, presentations, revision and exams that it’ll barely be enjoyable. I’m still super glad that I have had a fulfilling four years of university life. I don’t regret anything, not even the failures, because those were lessons that I had to learn, I had to know how to pick myself up after failing a subject or crying and puking like a mad woman after drinking too much.

Damn I can’t believe I’m 23 this year! :D


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