Microwave food, oven food, instant noodles, snacks, fruits are the only things I eat nowadays!!! Who has time to cook! Who has time to cut and prepare the ingredients and cook and serve and eat lolol.

Two months. It’s like I want it to end sooner because of all the stress and workload and stuff, but I don’t want it to end so soon because it’d mean I’ll be a graduate and work 5 days a week with no excuses to skip work.

Bleh. 4000 more words to go for my dissertation, out of which 2500 should be my introduction so should be easy peasy.

*wipes sweat.



One thought on “Tired.

  1. Get it done with all of it and get some beauty sleep! You seem like you will need some :) All de best! Graduate life won’t be that bad… Or at least it will change if you do try to change it.. Will need effort though! Take care..

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