It’s been too long since I last blogged!

I’ve finally graduated, and now I’m in a new phase of life: work.

The day of my graduation ceremony was brilliant, because it was a sunny day and the sky was so blue it’s as though it knows that it was a day for celebration. At first I was nervous, but when I finally put on the grad gown, it felt surreal. It was then that it finally hit me, I’m a graduate. I was genuinely happy on that day, partly because everyone around me was so happy too. I couldn’t believe that we’ve been through four years together, been through some tough times and some happy times, sharing notes and studying together for exams.

And now it’s all done.

We’re all scattered around the country (world?), and who knows when I would see these people again. Maybe some I’d see sooner than others, and maybe some I’d never have the chance to cross path again. Who knows?

It’s so strange. Saying goodbye is strange.



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