short update

It’s been 3 weeks since I first started my training!

I’ve had a week of induction, 2 weeks in MI, and now I’m finally on the wards.

The past two weeks in MI was just alright, and I think that is not something I want to do. Basically MI (medicines information) involves answering queries, either from healthcare professionals in the hospital, or from the public. I was facing the computer for the entire day, and even though I had to do a lot of research and I learnt a lot of things, I feel like I would have felt more useful out in the wards or the dispensary.

* * *

I have been feeling quite emotional last week, and even the slightest things triggered my tears. There were quite a lot of things in my mind: him leaving means we’re gonna have to do long distance, trying hard to fit in in workplace, the stress of independence etc.

It’s going to be a tough year. And I am determined to find out who I am this year.


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