low tolerance

Negativity. It can be infectious, like laughter or yawns.

I’m sure no one likes to be negative, and probably they don’t realise it, but their negative energy affects the people around them.

Yes sure I understand that we are all human, so sometimes birds just decided to shit on our shoulders, or it’s the day when all the crazy customers come into our store, or your boss is having the time of the month. Then it’s reasonable to complain and moan and feel like shit.

But not all the freaking time! Not every single day!

You see, I strongly believe in the power of our minds. If we think we can do it, then we will try our best to do it. But if we’ve already started dreading the day before it starts, of course that day will not be a good day, because no matter what happens, our mind will think ‘shit I dont wanna be here’.

It’s the mindset that decides 90% of the outcome of our day. It’s the mindset that pushes us forward. And if our minds are clouded with negativity all the freaking time, then how are we going to survive the day, much less excel at what we do!


One thought on “low tolerance

  1. Stay strong!! Positivity are contagious too! When u’re feeling good, ppl naturally gonna feel good, then u’re gonna feel good. Just like CICR! hahah >.< ♥♥♥

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