I think I’m starting to understand what it takes.

Long distance relationships are maintained because you love the person, and you must be able to live a life without the presence of that person.

But that is the whole point of normal relationships too. Even though we’re in a relationship, we are still two different individuals that have our own personalities and independence. Many people forget that, because of how close we can be. In normal relationships, we get to see each other as often as we want to, and that indirectly creates the illusion that being in a relationship means we can’t live without them. But that’s not true, because the scale has to be balanced (two equal individuals on the scale). If there is over-dependence/lack of individuality, then the balance is skewed.

I’m not saying it’s not tough, trust me it is, and it does require more communication and effort, but at least now I have a clearer picture? I guess? Hahaha.


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