Focus on the good things.

I suddenly realised that there has been too much negativity going on in my head. I’ve been focusing on the sad thoughts too much, to a point that it’s really not healthy.

I need to focus on the good things in life, instead of the things that aren’t here or the things that I can’t change. Feeling negative isn’t really going to help, it isn’t going to change the way things are right now. So why would I continue down this road of negativity abd self-pity when there are ctual things that I can do to change/improve/make the most out of the situation?

I should appreciate the good times I had, instead of allowing my mind to use it as a tool to highlight the solitude I’m in now.


One thought on “Focus on the good things.

  1. Instead of trying to figure out what positivity and what good things you have, try focusing on the now / present.. focus on the aloneness and make good use of it.. Focus on be happy alone and the things you miss doing it alone..

    When we were born we were alone; when we die we will go alone too..
    You have to enjoy aloneness to enjoy company more..


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