Life is short. I think this concept finally hit me this month due to a few things.

Someone’s brother passed away recently and it happened a few days before his 23rd birthday. When I found out, it made me truly realise the concept of ‘living in the moment’. We will never know when our time will be up, we will never know if we’ll be breathing and living life tomorrow. So it made me think, if I were to die tomorrow, would I be satisfied with who I am and what I have accomplished so far? Do I want to die knowing that at least I have tried to live life to the maximum and that I have tried my very best, or do I want to die as a regular joe that has just been doing the same old things every day for the past few years?

I’ve been following a few people that has been leading pretty fulfilling lives. They kind of inspired me to do the same, to not break when the pressure becomes intense, to continue fighting on. Looking at their experiences made me want to truly live life, to experience as much as I could while I’m still young, and to try as many different things as possible.

There’s a really good quote that I’ve recently came across with: Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you couldn’t.

It is pretty true, isn’t it? By overcoming things that I could not do, only then I will be able to learn and adapt and experience.

The other thing that kept me going strong is the charity that I’ve recently commited myself into. I’m taking part in a Sahara Desert Challenge organised by Southampton Hospital Charity. Because of this challenge, I’ll aim to raise a minimum of £2000 by August 2014, and I will be dedicating the funds that I raise to the Piam Brown Ward (the regional children’s oncology and haematology ward). If you want to know more about the ward, click on the link above and it will lead you to a youtube video that introduces you to the ward.

When I first saw the poster in the hospital, I was interested because hey I haven’t been to Sahara before! There was a huge hesitation when my friend and I were deciding to sign up for it, but in the end we did anyway because I guess we have nothing to lose. :) When we actually started making efforts in fundraising, creating webpages/facebook page/name cards/planning fundraising activities, it made us felt like we REALLY could be making a difference in someone’s lives in the future (in cancer research/children diagnosed with cancer). It was pretty motivating, this feeling, and it felt good. Yes, it is tough (a minimum of £4000 for both of us to raise in 8 months?) but somehow we believe that we can achieve this.

And it is this motivation that has been keeping me going. I’ve started eating more healthily (thanks to a challenge), I’ve started going to gym (thanks also to a challenge), and I’ve even started joining a running group where I live (because I’m thinking of running at least a half-marathon next year). Hahaha for those who know me well, they know that this is a major change because I don’t run. Period. I’ve started to feel more motivated in doing what I do, and I’ve been occupied but at least I feel satisfied.


PS: If you want to know more about what we’re doing to raise funds or contribute to the charity, please click HERE. :D


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