I’ve tried my very best. I tried to stay positive, thinking that my perseverence, my persistence will somehow pay off in the end. How unfair this situation is. I am denied a job, not because I am not capable, not because I’m inexperienced, but because of my nationality, because I’m not a permanent resident or a British national, because I would need a visa to work in this country. They want to offer me a job, but they couldn’t because they wouldn’t be able to satisfy the visa requirements. 


Life is unfair. I truly want to work in a hospital here because I want to develop my clinical skills, because it gives me the job satisfaction I seek, because I’ve grown to love what I do during the 1 year of training. And yet I can’t. 

Life is unfair. The people around me, they could think about having a 1 month break after the training ends, they could relax and focus on their training or revision for exams, because they don’t have a ‘deadline’. From February, the ticking of the clock emphasised how little time I had to get a job sorted, and I had started applying for jobs, started travelling far and wide (quite literally) for interviews. 

And yet, this. 

I’m tired. I’ve turned down interviews because I do not see the point anymore. What’s the point of going for interviews when I have 0% chance to begin with?

FTS. It is their loss. And I will not beg to stay in a country that does not appreciate me.


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