Day 6 – I will be.

I want to be the girl that inspires others around me. The girl filled with positivity, dishing out words of encouragement when people around me are not feeling their best. The girl that is able to make others think, ‘Hmm I want to be like her, I want to do what she does, I want to live life like she lives.’ The girl that is able to lift someone else out of the darkness, or extend a hand when she sees someone fall into a hole.

I want to be the girl that has passion in what she does. The girl that wakes up in the morning feeling excited about starting her day, and actually looks forward to going to work/whatever she will be doing on that day. The girl that is bursting with energy and new ideas and enthusiasm in the things she does. The girl that is willing to work extra hard because when someone loves what they do, working hard for it would not be a difficult task.

I want to be the girl who knows what she wants in life. The girl that makes life decisions based on careful consideration, instead of based on emotions. The girl that hesitate at the right times, but not too much to the point that opportunities slip past her. The girl that recognises an opportunity when she sees one, and when she sees none, she would create one for herself. The girl that strives and chases after what she wants, instead of merely waiting around for things to happen to her.

I want to be the girl that lives life to its fullest. The girl that says why not instead of why. The girl that jumps onto new experiences, albeit with a little fear, but she jumps into it regardless. The girl that would not regret any of her decisions, because the only way to move is to move forward. The girl that refuses to stand still in the present, because she understands that time is constantly moving, and so should she. The girl that is not afraid to question things, and is prepared to live life the way she thinks is right, instead of conforming to society’s expectations.

I want to be the girl that is strong, but not too strong. The girl that is able to handle and appreciate harsh truths and constructive criticisms, and understands that these two things are hard to come by. The girl that refuses to accept bullying or biased attitudes. The girl that knows her self-worth and never settle for anything less than she deserves. The girl that knows that there is a limit to her strength, and that she needs others too. The girl that is willing to put down her pride and admit her weaknesses, or her needs.

I want to be the girl that can control her emotions adequately. The girl that does not base everything on how she feels at the moment, and acts on rationality and logic instead of emotions. The girl that could recognise the dark pit of negativity and choose not to jump into it, and jump across it instead. The girl that understands the importance of allowing others to know how she feels on the right occasion. The girl that does not allow fear to limit her possibilities or control her actions.

I want to be the girl that loves herself enough, so that she could love others too. The girl that accepts herself as who she is, but also strives to improve herself so she could love herself more. The girl that could look in the mirror and feel confident, or walk down the street without feeling like there are parts where she needed to hide. The girl that does not have an inner voice that puts herself down, but instead one that motivates and encourages her.

I want to be the girl that loves hard and deep. The girl that is able to make someone happy and loved and appreciated. The girl that can be someone’s pillar of strength when need be, or someone’s source of motivation, or merely just a silent companion when required. The girl that puts in her share of efforts, and doesn’t mind putting in extra along the way. The girl that understands, and even when she doesn’t, will try to.

I want to be the girl that has self-discipline throughout her life. The girl that does what she says, and finishes what she started. The girl that doesn’t procrastinate too much, and utilises her time wisely. The girl that reads and updates herself constantly, instead of surfing various social media networks to pass time. The girl that not only sets goals and resolutions, but accomplishes them as well. The girl that is not labelled as merely ‘all talk but no action’.

I want to be the girl that is constantly evolving for the better. The girl that challenges her limits and pushes herself out of her comfort zone all the time. The girl that travels to expand her insight and to experience different cultures. The girl that learns from her mistakes, and does not repeat them in the future. The girl that adapts to new situations like a chameleon, and is in constant pursuit of new discoveries and challenges.

I want to be all that. And one day in the near future, I will be that girl.


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