Day 7

I skipped 2 days, but I’m back! :)


Raindrops raced each other diagonally across the glass window panes, joining together and break apart. As she stared out of the window, fields and rivers went past in a blur. Occasionally, she could see horses and sheeps grazing on green fields, or little English towns in a distance. The skies were grey, the dark clouds obliterated the sun.

The train conductor made an announcement, but her mind was on distant lands. The sound of raindrops reminded her of those days.

* * *

“Aren’t you cold?” He said, while putting a shawl over her shoulders. She smiled at him, the creases by her eyes deepened further. Her gaze lingered on his face as he sat down on the chair beside her. Despite the wrinkles that grazed his face, his handsome features still remained, especially the way his eyes twinkled. It’s as though his passion for life could never be dampened down by the hardships that they have gone through.

This is their routine. Every night for the past 30 years, they would sit on the porch for some uninterrupted time together before heading to bed. And it was no different tonight, except for the slightly chilly breeze that signified the beginning of autumn. The moon hung in the dark sky, and its light dimmed the stars around it. There were the occasional rustling of leaves as the gentle breeze tickles the trees in the neighbourhood, but otherwise it was a quiet night tonight.

His hand gently held hers, and out of habit, his thumb drew circling motions on the back of her palm. He knew that she drew comfort from this tiny habit, as he had held her hands countless times in the past. Even after all these years, she still felt the warmth emanating from his hands, and despite its callousness, his hands had never failed to make her feel safe and secured.

That wooden chair, had witnessed countless heated arguments and tears, soft whispers of love and reassurances. It was on this chair, that they had discussed numerous life-changing decisions and talked through rough patches together. When they were younger, she used to lay her head on his lap as she told him about her day at work or listened to him talk about his day at work.

Her favourite moments were when it rained, and they were always sheltered by the porch roof. The rain had always made her feel blessed, to be sharing her life with someone she loves with all her heart and have a roof above their head. The pitter-patter of the raindrops against the roof always sounded like nature’s version of acappella. Occasionally, they would have to leave the porch to go inside when the rain and wind gets too strong, but they would always be sitting out there again the next night.

* * *

The rain persisted on, but she still made her way down the stone pathway. She doesn’t walk as fast she used to anymore, her legs were very much weaker now as age caught on. Soft drizzles of raindrops plummeted onto her umbrella, and onto puddles that were starting to form on the pathway. Her heart grew slightly heavier with every step, and not long after, she arrived. Tears had welled up in her eyes, but she could still recognise his handsome face on the tombstone.

This had instead became their routine. Or rather, her routine.

Ever since he moved on to a better place, she had spent the nights sitting alone on the chair, and her Saturdays would consist of a visit to where he laid in peace. As she gingerly touched his picture with her arthritic fingers, she ached for his warm embrace once again. She understood that he was gone, and it was for the better because at least there wasn’t much suffering for him now. But that still did not stop her from missing everything about him.

He was the only person that had made her feel so much love in this short lifetime. She was never one that cared much for material things. To her, it was always the intangible things that mattered the most. Strength. Security. Stability. Those were the things he had given to her in their lifetime together, the things that she appreciated the most, apart from love. She felt grateful to have spent most of her lifetime with this man. He had always been there for her through thick and thin, and vice versa. She knew that, and she loved him for that.

“I love you.” She whispered to him when it was time to go. With a lingering gaze, she turned around and walked away. And just like that, their heart stayed connected, even if their hands were separated by the skies.


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