Day 8 (500 words)

While talking to my friend who was going through a tough time, I told her that hardships like these will only make her stronger. Then, she asked me, “Yes it will make me stronger, but then what? I’ll be stronger and stronger when life throws shit at me, and then what?”

Her question got me thinking. I once read an article that claimed that people with better mental strength are more likely to be successful in life.

* * *

Sweat trickled down foreheads as three people rode on camels under the blazing hot sun. They were donned in white shirts with sleeves and long khaki pants to avoid the direct sunlight from burning their skin as they travelled almost 9miles on the camels. Handkerchiefs hid their faces from the sand that were everywhere, sunglasses protected their eyes from the glare of the sun. The camels moved in a single file across the sand dunes, carrying supplies and equipments besides their owners.

The three of them were curious archeologists, who had travelled far and wide in search of the tombs of Sakkara. They have heard old folk’s tales about the tombs, but had always dismissed the rumours as mere tales. It was only until one of them made an important discovery in the last excavation in El Qasr, that their curiosity was piqued. They attempted to research for the basis of the tombs, but had only found one archive that mentioned the tombs of Sakkara.

After one whole day of travelling on the camels, they finally stopped in front of the pyramid.

* * *

Writing a thousand words a day is terribly tough. I really have to admit that. I have tried but I think I’m hitting a wall right now. So I will just type whatever in on my mind right now.

I found out today that my cousin, who is just a year older than me, is getting married. Technically, they went to register with the Registrar the other day, but was unsuccessful. The reason was that apparently she was wearing above-knee skirt and no sleeves, and it was deemed too sexy so they weren’t allowed to sign the papers. I didn’t even know there were dress codes for registration but there you go.

Anyway, my point is that she’s only a year older than I am. She’s 25 this year. Do you think people are getting married earlier these days? Because my Facebook wall is clearly flooded with pictures of wedding dinners and ceremonies, and it’s not just from one or two friends, and they are relatively young, in their mid-20’s. To be honest, I do wonder why. I still remember a few years ago, there were reports saying that people are getting married later and later in life. But things seemed to have taken a change of direction now.

I do wonder, at what point do people realise that, hey, this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? Would there be a particular “eureka!” moment? I probably wouldn’t know until I experience it I guess.

So yeah, I guess I’ll have two weddings to attend next year since her brother is getting married as well.

* * *

Even my thoughts had hit a wall. I will try harder tomorrow!


One thought on “Day 8 (500 words)

  1. You don’t need to write a story everyday anyway. For as long as you speak your mind and it’s just a bonus if its translated to a story! People are more likely to be successful after hardships and what next? Like you’ve questioned before, people always find something to make it a target, when you’re successful in one thing, you’ll find something else to find success. :)

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