Day 9

(Yes, I’m cheating. This is not 1000 words and this is not appearing daily, because I’m busy. Or maybe it’s just an excuse. Hehe.)

The first step will always be the hardest, no matter what you do. Remember the first time you rode a bicycle, the first day of school, the first public speech? I remember the first time I went for my first piano practical exam. It was in a hotel, and I remember that day very clearly. There was a couch outside the hotel room, and my dad was sitting beside me. He could tell that I was very nervous, most likely because I was fidgeting around, and he gave me a piece of advice that I still held onto until now.

Just try your best, give it your best shot, and things will fall into place. If you don’t succeed in the end, at least you know that you have given your best shot, so there are no regrets.

That piece of advice has lurked in the back of my mind throughout all these years, and in everything that I do. When I went for dance performances, or essay writing competitions, or even exams in school/college/university. There were times when I did not put in 100% of my efforts, and it will always be clearly reflected in the end result, like that time when I failed a subject in 3rd year of university. When I found out that I failed, I was devastated and I was mainly ashamed too. But deep down, I knew that I did not try my best to revise for that subject, I knew that I had only given at most 50% of my efforts. So I knew I deserved that result.

From that incident, I learnt that hey, failure isn’t the end of the world. In fact, failure can often be a blessing-in-disguise. It pushes you to reflect on yourself, on what you have done wrongly. Yes, you may have scraped your knees and twisted your ankles slightly during that fall, but it’s when you pick yourself up that matters the most. The most important things are to learn from the mistake, to discover new routes and new ways of doing things, to have the mental strength to overcome your fear of failing again. Yes, some never get up after their first fall, so it’s the ones that pick themselves up and start experimenting again, those are the ones that will achieve their goals in life.

I have always believed in the power of the mind. And the mindset. To me, everything is in your mind. Your mind is your limit, not the skies. If you tell yourself that you can achieve this, then the possibilities are endless. But, if you tell yourself that you can’t, or you won’t be able to accomplish this, then you are building mental restrictions for yourself. When you say you can’t, you are already setting the mindset that this challenge is impossible, and subconsciously you will not put in 100% of the effort. Because we are generally afraid of failing and the consequences that may happen when you fail, so subconsciously you will try to lower your risks. But! Imagine the sweet taste of success rolling on your tongue when you’ve put in 100% of your effort, it will be worth every sweat and blood that goes into the journey.

So yes. Tell yourself to never give up. Tell yourself that you are strong and that you will overcome this circumstance. Tell yourself that you are worth the effort because no one else knows what you want better than yourself.

* * *
Let the raindrops
Let it wash away, your
Deep-rooted fears

Let the thunder
Un-synchronised, the way
Your heart thumps

Let your consciousness
Slowly, and then
All at once

Into unknown realms
Into unchartered waters
Into the depths of your soul


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