Our minds seem to enjoy disillusioning ourselves. How often have you experienced an overactive mind, leading to a sleepless night? It always knows the darkest corners of your brain, where your insecurities and fear lies. As odd as it seems, it always appears to prey on these emotions, feeding them with lies, whispering line after line of falsehoods into these dark corners.

Feeling afraid of other-worldly beings? It’s okay, your mind will replay scenes of the horror movie that you’ve just watched. For more creative minds, it will even paint pictures of grotesque faces amidst the darkness of your room.

Feeling anxious about flying? Fear not, as your mind will create scenes of horrific air turbulences and emergency sea landings and calling your loved ones to say goodbye as you watch the left wing burst into flames.

The most important thing is to realise that more often than not, your mind plays numerous tricks on you. Ask yourself, is this rational? Are these wild imaginations really valid? Will the things you imagine really happen in real life?

Often, the answer will be a simple no. Then, you can tell your mind off and let your heart return to its peaceful state.


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