2016: the beginning of great things.

Since 2016 has arrived, I’m reflecting on the things that I have done in 2015, simply to keep myself motivated, to push myself to achieve greater things in 2016.

Here’s an excerpt from a post I wrote 7 months ago.

Before my 26th birthday, I want to have achieved these:

1. Acquire developer skills.

2. Commit my time to something that inspires and motivates me, something that pushes my learning curve as steep as possible.

3. Build or create something. Be it creative-related, tech-related or healthcare-related.

So here’s an update:

1. Status: Achieved.

The journey started with NextAcademy‘s Full Stack Bootcamp. I spent 9-weeks in the intensive bootcamp, shed blood sweat and tears (figuratively) over the steep learning curves every single week.

The best thing about the bootcamp is the people. People are motivated and driven because they want to achieve their goals, because they have made the decision to invest their time in learning this skill, be it as a stepping-stone to build their ideas or to have better understanding of the technical side of things within their existing/future businesses. It’s not all talk and no action. <3

Now, I can confidently introduce myself as a programmer/web-developer. Even though the languages that I am proficient in is still limited, but hey, it is the start of the journey.

2. Status: Ongoing.

Ever since October, I’ve dedicated my time to upskill my programming skills because I’ve discovered that it is something I enjoy doing. Building web applications is challenging in every aspect, I just love the satisfaction that comes after I solve a problem or complete a project.

So I’ve been mentoring at the bootcamp, doing some freelance projects at the same time. Gaining experiences while building real-world projects :D

3. Status: Initiated.

I have to say that starting something is simply not that easy. It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance. I have also learnt that if the end-goal is not clear enough, the motivation to persevere will never be sufficient to push myself. If I do not feel passionate or believe in the end-goal, I would not have enough drive to execute it.

It will be a constant work in progress in 2016 because it will be my main focus of 2016.

Overall, I would say that 2015 was the year of initiation. I took the first step out of my comfort zone, and that was the easy part. The harder part is to execute fast and firm enough so that the propulsion can bring me to greater heights.

So here is to 2016, the year of execution.


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