Day 9

(Yes, I’m cheating. This is not 1000 words and this is not appearing daily, because I’m busy. Or maybe it’s just an excuse. Hehe.) The first step will always be the hardest, no matter what you do. Remember the first time you rode a bicycle, the first day of school, the first public speech? I … More Day 9

Day 8 (500 words)

While talking to my friend who was going through a tough time, I told her that hardships like these will only make her stronger. Then, she asked me, “Yes it will make me stronger, but then what? I’ll be stronger and stronger when life throws shit at me, and then what?” Her question got me … More Day 8 (500 words)

Day 7

I skipped 2 days, but I’m back! :) ————— Raindrops raced each other diagonally across the glass window panes, joining together and break apart. As she stared out of the window, fields and rivers went past in a blur. Occasionally, she could see horses and sheeps grazing on green fields, or little English towns in … More Day 7

Day 4

It was raining heavily, as though God himself was angered by the wrongdoings of humankind, as though the angels were sharing her pain. A flash of lightning lighted up the room, soon after, a loud crack of thunder shook the house. “Noooooooo!” Another heart-wretching shriek pierced through the night but it was drowned by the angry … More Day 4

Day 3

A bead of sweat trickled down his right cheek, and slid down to his chin, where it dripped onto his wet t-shirt. The sun was merciless today, glaring onto the surface of the Earth as though the planet had done something to irk the sun. It happened to be the hottest day of summer this … More Day 3