RIP :(

I have had it since Form 1. When I was 13 years old. Today, I realised it has reached its end. No matter how many times I press the ‘on’ button, the screen remained blank. It accompanied me throughout my PMR, SPM, A Levels and university first year exams (Thank you for surviving til I … More RIP :(

yin and yang.

Sigh. Out, out you go. You freaking insecurities. She stood under the oak tree, with flaming red leaves shedding around her. Silence reverberated in her mind, but quite the opposite, in her heart. If only they would shed like the leaves, ever so lightly, only with the slightest carress of the wind, and they will … More yin and yang.

beach, here I come!

Freedom doesn’t taste as sweet as I expected. Maybe because the last paper sucked, Chemistry paper 5, there’s only 2 questions but I don’t know how to do the second one. Die la wei. I mean of course I didn’t leave it blank completely. But still. Die la. Now I have to worry about whether … More beach, here I come!

no boundaries.

I was dangerously close to being late to my Biology paper today. If I wasn’t with two of my college friends before the paper, i would have ended up in the exam hall half an hour later. After Biology, I was feeling so happy. Because the toughest paper was finally over. I was practically feeling … More no boundaries.