I’ve been thinking and thinking, before I sleep and after I woke up. The only thing I can do now is to improve myself and improve my knowledge on politics. Only then, I can do things that can directly influence the change that I hope to see. 化悲憤為力量。 So yes, thank you for instilling the … More Maybe.


Thank you for rekindling the fire within me. For opening my eyes. I used to be one of those youngsters who couldn’t be bothered to give two hoots for politics. For the past year, many circumstances have opened up my heart to politics, and showed me that we can control the faith of our country, … More Yes.

jet lag. :/

Home. Being back. There were certain things that I no longer remember, like the sitting arrangement at the family dining table, or the tofu-making machine that my mom uses. Some things remains the same, but of course changes are inevitable. My brother can drive already, certain routines have changed and some of the clothes in … More jet lag. :/

oh my.

I don’t mean to be racist here but I couldn’t help but exclaimed at these facts. I stumbled upon them when I was researching about Malaysian education system. I wanna apologize if I offended anyone here. My intention is just to share what I’ve found on another website.