after so long.

I swear I have the most random dream. In the first dream I was an assassin/spy, I can’t really remember much of the dream but the ceiling played a major part of it. It happened in a lab-ish kinda of place, and I just remembered the urgency to hide and huge white ceiling panes. In … More after so long.


The chill has finally decided to leave the UK, and I hope it lasts this time. It had been freezing for the past two weeks, and because I am in the southern most region, there is little snow. It did snow heavily for a day, but most of it melted away on that night itself. … More updates!

pitch black

One of my pet peeves is people getting too close to me/touching me without my consent, whether its a conscious or subconscious consent. It’s super uncomfortable. * * * My friend and I was walking down this street at night, there were a few shops that were still open so we lingered around at those … More pitch black


Ever since I brought that dreamcatcher back from Barcelona, I’ve been having plenty of dreams. Hahaha I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or my subconscious mind playing tricks on me or stress messing with my mind, but the dreams didn’t stop. They are not bad dreams, in fact they seem very closely-related to … More Katana


It’s only the second day at home and I am already feeling slightly bored. There’s nothing nice to watch on tv, nothing much to do online, and pretty much all the friends that I usually hang out with are out of the country. Ooh but I do love driving. I was driving alone yesterday and … More home!


I ran down the stairs as fast as I could, because there is an urgency in my mind and I was ahead of my colleagues. However, I was halted abruptly halfway down. He had a gun pointed at the hostage he was holding, but he pointed it at me when I appeared in his sight. … More nightmare.

that was uber weird.

I looked up, and saw a group of birds circling in the blue sky. They didn’t look normal, they were larger than the regular seagulls and pigeons that I often see. I stared transfixed at them, observing their flying patterns and appearance, trying to determine what kind of bird were they. Large wings, with glittering … More that was uber weird.