more updates.

Scary pic of me. XD Updates updates. My. Flat. Finally. Has. Internet. Finally. After 1.5 weeks. I think I have lost the blogging mojo. I realised that I speak lesser since I came back. The people around me feel strained because of the silence when they walk beside me. I was never a talkative person … More more updates.


When I was a kid, whenever the lion dance comes to my grandma’s house, my cousins and I would be scream and run into the front room. We would be excited to be terrified of the lion dance, but we would peek from the windows while closing our ears with our hands. Now, two days … More 伦敦的初八。

3 more to go.

I guess I was lucky that I have a very predictable lecturer. By the way, what is the difference between a professor and a lecturer? Do professors have PhD? Hmm. It was such a relief that this subject is over. Such a huge relief, that I almost feel like starting to celebrate and watch dramas … More 3 more to go.