Stress begins to take its toll on my skin. There’s only 8 more weeks to my project presentation, approx. 13 more weeks til I hand in my project, and 17 more weeks to exams. :( And then graduation. I always think that ahh I won’t really feel lost when graduation looms so close, but maybe … More Stress.


I bet some poeple out there had went out and bought “apocalypse survival kits” and stocked up on their food supplies and camped in their basement, in light of all the rumours of the world coming to an end today. There’s so many theories out there, about the sun moon earth lining in a straight … More Anti-climatic


Leaving so soon. Barely 3weeks spent at home, and now i’m leaving so soon again. Gahhhhhhh.


I spent around half an hour packing my things, the luggage is half-filled now and the room half-empty. It amazes me how quickly I could pack my things this time, and two days later, it’ll be like I’ve never even set foot into this house, the only thing betraying me would be the porcelain cat … More 16th.