short update.

So I went up to Durham last week, and it is a beautiful small town. The town is surrounded by a river, so there’s walks around the riverbanks. There’s a cathedral and a castle right on top of the hill, which looks so glorious as the sunsets because they were basking in the golden rays. … More short update.


I have a little less than 24 hours more to spend at home. Ahh it was a really short notice but I really can’t complain because I’ve been presented with an opportunity. And I’m not one that gives away opportunities just to spend a few more days in the comforts of my own home. *delicious … More 来去匆匆


Leaving so soon. Barely 3weeks spent at home, and now i’m leaving so soon again. Gahhhhhhh.


It’s only the second day at home and I am already feeling slightly bored. There’s nothing nice to watch on tv, nothing much to do online, and pretty much all the friends that I usually hang out with are out of the country. Ooh but I do love driving. I was driving alone yesterday and … More home!


When I was a kid, whenever the lion dance comes to my grandma’s house, my cousins and I would be scream and run into the front room. We would be excited to be terrified of the lion dance, but we would peek from the windows while closing our ears with our hands. Now, two days … More 伦敦的初八。