Happiness is when you are sitted on a table with your close friends, by the veranda in a restaurant overlooking the sea. The sun is setting, staining the bright blue sky with streaks of yellow, orange and purple. There is a faint breeze, and the sun shines onto you and your friends and the table. … More happiness

after so long.

I swear I have the most random dream. In the first dream I was an assassin/spy, I can’t really remember much of the dream but the ceiling played a major part of it. It happened in a lab-ish kinda of place, and I just remembered the urgency to hide and huge white ceiling panes. In … More after so long.


住在同一个屋檐下,却可以一星期只见两三次面。 无言。

week 5.

I have had a pretty eventful week, with an important review with my manager on Tuesday, an outing with his family on Wednesday and ended the week with lots of packing and cleaning during the weekends. The review turned out to be pretty good, I’ve received some really positive feedbacks and they have told me … More week 5.


It’s finally over now. I must admit that it wasn’t a really pleasant experience, I was so nervous in the morning so I decided to walk there earlier just to get out of the house and some fresh air. But when I arrived, I flipped through my notes again and that’s when my heart starts … More Maybes.