Quit hating please.

The stupid thing about homophobics are that once they know someone around them is a gay/lesbian, they automatically think that that person likes/is going to like them. Seriously?? 1. That is incredibly 自恋/perasan of you to think that all gay/lesbian you know will definitely like you. It’s not like every opposite sex that you meet … More Quit hating please.


Ish I really dislike it when someone purposely uses a term that he/she knows I don’t know. And then say, ah you don’t know what that means, xxx you know right, you explain to her la. -.- Seriously. I know la my level of that language is not as good. And some terms are specific … More 一定是啦!


To jump or not to jump. * * * Why do we need to lose certain things, only to realise its importance to us? When it has always been there, we take it for granted, assuming it’d always be there, assuming it’s presence is 理所当然. And then when we lose it, we mourn and regret. … More strain.


Sometimes I wonder. Is it me? Did I do something wrong?