5/20 = 1/4

So I met up with my lecturer a few days ago, and she talked about the top3 of the year. She kinda hinted us to aim for it, and said that the rewards are quite good (£££). Lol. £££ instead of $$$ because I am here. :P And it kinda made me wanna aim for … More 5/20 = 1/4


Yesterday, I went through my NS diary. Reading it was like living certain moments again. The memories surfaced with those words, and I could feel the sweat trickling down my neck as we stood under the glaring sun, and the huge bubble of being proud of Alpha girls when we won the marching competition, and … More memories

Colt M16.

As I stood, my heart thumped at an inhuman rate. Looking right at the lapang sasar, wild boars had a stampede in my stomach rather than the usual fluttery butterflies. The military officers did a demonstration for us. All 200 of us were asked to squat down, as a safety precaution. When they’ve taken their … More Colt M16.

Being cynical.

*The blue-ish sky in Kem Geo Kosmo. Last night was the first dinner I had at home since I came back from NS. It was great, all 4 of us sitting together, chatting while eating. I guess, going to NS and listening to all the stuff about appreciating my family in Buddha class really works. … More Being cynical.


Hehe. Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy a bit lo. Meeting up with friends, Santa and spending time with family, spending time at home. Ah. I’ve finally realised the importance of time.  So much to do, but so little time. ;P Now, I remembered I wanted to talk about National Service. It’s … More heyya.