Yes. After 2 and a half weeks. It’s finally over. I am thinking of shifting again. Livejournal is not quite user-friendly. Next year. If I’ve got the time. Right now, I just want to enjoy. Hehehe. The taste of freedom is as sweet as a stracciatella gelato. Should I talk about the papers? Nah. I … More And…..

bored bored bored

It’s been a looooooooooooong time. I miss typing on the keyboard so much. Thank goodness my parents swatted the Huge FLY *coughbrothercough* away when he was bugging me. geez, I can’t even go online with peace. Exam’s COMING!! PANIC PANIC PANIC!!! *runs around clutching my head* It was such a pain when I saw the … More bored bored bored

English Essay

I was alone that dark, cold, windy night. All alone in this empty house. Outside, it rained as though God himself was angered by the wrongdoings of humankind, as though the angels were sharing my pain. “Noooooooo!” Another heart-wretching shriek pierced through the night but it soon stopped when I realised that it was coming … More English Essay

Leo Club

Topday, I was approached by a couple of my friends and they told me that they wanted to start a Leo Club in my school. Which is TOTALLY great! I didnt exactly got a lot of info from them yet cos we were in a hurry to classes. They said they ll ask teacher about … More Leo Club

7 things

Seven things that scare me: 1. cockroaches! They can freaking fly, that’s the worst part. I wouldnt mind them so much if they would just stay on the floor, but Noooo, they just gotta have wings. I have had a nightmarish experience before. I came home from shopping and then when I turned my head … More 7 things