草原上有对狮子母子。 小狮子问母狮子:“妈,幸福在哪里?” 母狮子说:“幸福就在你的尾巴上。” 于是小狮子不断追着尾巴跑,但始终咬不到。 母狮子笑道:“傻瓜!幸福不是这样得到的!只要你昂首向前 走,幸福就会一直跟随着你!”。 – anonymous * * *   It’s been a long time since I danced and I loved every moment of it. The practices, the nervous-ness, and even though I forgot some steps, I still love the feeling of performing on stage. And I was feeling very proud of the … More busy.


You know how sometimes you thought you have achieved something or feel like you have arrived at a different point, and then all of a sudden, your way of thoughts start to sound familiar to you, and you realise you were still at that same point? Yeah I had that feeling just now. The way … More meh.


Sometimes when I am online, but doing nothing of importance, like facebook or more dramas or blogs, a weird feeling comes. I become increasingly aware of the silence around me, and I could feel my heart thudding against my chest. That rhythmic pulse. And I could hear my own breath. This small amount of fear … More me.

angst. dance.

I don’t even know why I bother asking for her permission. I know she’d say no. In fact, the no came right away. Like, right out of her mouth. Another opportunity missed, just like that. Because of the bloody A2 exams! I think I was hoping for the stars to be a little brighter so … More angst. dance.