It’s been too long since I last blogged! I’ve finally graduated, and now I’m in a new phase of life: work. The day of my graduation ceremony was brilliant, because it was a sunny day and the sky was so blue it’s as though it knows that it was a day for celebration. At first … More Graduation


The chill has finally decided to leave the UK, and I hope it lasts this time. It had been freezing for the past two weeks, and because I am in the southern most region, there is little snow. It did snow heavily for a day, but most of it melted away on that night itself. … More updates!

飞机场, 除了旅游的兴奋, 就是离别的哀伤。 人人都有着自己的方向, 离开, 是为了到达目的地。 乘上飞机, 绕如乘上时光机, 把外壳带到另一个城市另一个空间。 留下的, 却是自己的心。


I came across a quote once, and it has stuck with me since 2013 started. Love what you live. I’m not sure who wrote it, but it struck me hard. And it’ll be my motto for the year, and all the coming years. This year will be a tough year, but I’ll still love it … More Life


Sometimes we are in a position where our vision is blinded by the sun.


I bet some poeple out there had went out and bought “apocalypse survival kits” and stocked up on their food supplies and camped in their basement, in light of all the rumours of the world coming to an end today. There’s so many theories out there, about the sun moon earth lining in a straight … More Anti-climatic