Sometimes we are in a position where our vision is blinded by the sun. Advertisements

just because.

Alcohol is a depressant. Yeah sure, it makes you go high at certain amount (differing with each person) but at the end we all fall into the dark aftermath. OR sometimes you don’t even go high, you just plummet straight into the abyss.   *Taken in HK summer 2012. And then the line between reality … More just because.

pitch black

One of my pet peeves is people getting too close to me/touching me without my consent, whether its a conscious or subconscious consent. It’s super uncomfortable. * * * My friend and I was walking down this street at night, there were a few shops that were still open so we lingered around at those … More pitch black

ahh lifeeee.

  *Venice, 2010. I miss travelling. I miss looking at things from a fresh perspective, because we become so used to our current environment that things become unnoticed. * * * Ah my fourth year has officially started. I’ve gotten my project title, and since then I have been searching for countless literature for it. … More ahh lifeeee.


他,等待着,傍晚的降临。 一旦晚餐时分,烛光点缀着客人的笑容,只有谈笑声与流水声。 漆黑的河水,无比神秘, 与走廊上的气氛有着强烈的对比。 然而,当最后的客人也离开了, 剩下的,就只有他与寂静。