You need to remember that you are not walking the same route as others. Remember the German lecturer? Why he started lecturing German even though that is not his main trade? Remember his ulterior motive? Don’t let your inner voice compare yourself with what other people are doing. Yes they may seem like they have … More No.


Here’s to the beginning of a new journey. Made up of 70% excitement, 20% fear and 10% uncertainties. But as with all major decisions, there is no guarantees, no 100% certainties, it is often a leap of faith laced with careful considerations. So yes. I’m doing this. I’m jumping straight into the pool without dipping … More :)

i don’t know.

So what do you do with broken memories? When you lift them out of dusty boxes, and discovered that somewhere along the way, it had broken into a thousand pieces? Do you mend it, because it had once been an important part of your life? Or do you discard it, because there might not be … More i don’t know.