RIP :(

I have had it since Form 1. When I was 13 years old. Today, I realised it has reached its end. No matter how many times I press the ‘on’ button, the screen remained blank. It accompanied me throughout my PMR, SPM, A Levels and university first year exams (Thank you for surviving til I … More RIP :(

first days?

So. Today’s my first day in college. Just like 5 years ago when I had my first day in SMK USJ 12. I had no memory of that first day, surprisingly, when I searched my mind for that particular day. I cant remember what I felt, what I saw. However, I remembered when I first … More first days?

it’s over, babe.

Yes you heard me right. BLOODY SPM IS OVER! IT’S HISTORY! Hehe. Actually I’m not as excited as I percieved. Maybe cos of something someone somewhere which I’m so not gonna say here. Bluek. Anyway, there’s the sense of relief when the teacher took the paper away from my hands. Actually I was staring out … More it’s over, babe.