I came across a quote once, and it has stuck with me since 2013 started.

Love what you live.

I’m not sure who wrote it, but it struck me hard. And it’ll be my motto for the year, and all the coming years.

This year will be a tough year, but I’ll still love it because what you sow is what you reap. If I do things with all my heart, I’m sure the results will be what I want.

Today I climbed 256 steps to reach the top of the dome of Marble Church in Copenhagen, with narrow spiral staircases that made me slightly claustrophobic, and this is what greeted me.




The view was so breathtaking, and I simply loved it.

I know it’s easy to say love what you live, especially now that I’m travelling, but I am kinda filled with optimism this year. I’m ready to face 2013.


short update.

So I went up to Durham last week, and it is a beautiful small town. The town is surrounded by a river, so there’s walks around the riverbanks. There’s a cathedral and a castle right on top of the hill, which looks so glorious as the sunsets because they were basking in the golden rays.

Even though I brought two cameras with me, but I barely use them. :( Well mainly because I wanted to enjoy every moment. So these photos were taken using my phone camera (See what I have succumbed to :/)

This is a smoked salmon and scrambled eggs breakfast that we had in this small cafe, which costs only £2.50! The town is filled with small and quaint cafes, which I love love love. :)

So yeah, I feel like I’ve left my heart in that town.


I have a little less than 24 hours more to spend at home.

Ahh it was a really short notice but I really can’t complain because I’ve been presented with an opportunity. And I’m not one that gives away opportunities just to spend a few more days in the comforts of my own home.

*delicious bitter gourd pork noodles near my house.
There’s still people I didn’t get a chance to meet, some places I didn’t go to.

Time will never be enough. That’s why it is so precious.

Night view in HK.

A short trip to Penang and we managed to find some of the wall art done by a Lithuanian artist. :) This is my favourite one.

So yes, it’s been a summer filled with flights, car rides and packing/unpacking. And it is coming to an end tomorrow.



I’m starting my summer placement tomorrow, and this time I’m working in a big store. Last summer, it was a small store so there’s only a few staff but this time, it’s different. Just slightly nervous about the new environment but I’ll be fine I have high adaptability, or so I’d like to believe.

* * *

I’ve moved into a new place temporarily and it is so comfortable! It’s far from my work place (about 40mins walk O.O) but I like the landlady and her two cats hahahah.

It’s a big difference from last year, because last year it was a house meant for students, but this time it is really someone’s home so everything is really clean and tidy and comfortable. :)

The landlady is super nice and friendly too.

I’m really grateful for this because I’m glad I have someplace comfortable to stay at, when there might be some slight tough times ahead.

* * *


Two windows displaying a poem about Brighton. :)

Sunshine and beach


I’m going to miss this place and the optimum weather! It’s around 23-ish degrees during the day with plenty of sunshine, but it’s not too hot til we’ll sweat like mad.

I know it’s been raining non-stop in UK and there are floods at some places, so I’ll definitely miss this holiday when it ends.

<3 It's been a really relaxing trip so far! We laze around when we want and Barcelona is just an hour's train ride away. It's just a small town in Costa Brava but it's comfortable.

More pics when I return. :)