It’s been too long since I last blogged! I’ve finally graduated, and now I’m in a new phase of life: work. The day of my graduation ceremony was brilliant, because it was a sunny day and the sky was so blue it’s as though it knows that it was a day for celebration. At first … More Graduation


Stress begins to take its toll on my skin. There’s only 8 more weeks to my project presentation, approx. 13 more weeks til I hand in my project, and 17 more weeks to exams. :( And then graduation. I always think that ahh I won’t really feel lost when graduation looms so close, but maybe … More Stress.


I kinda miss my Sony. I never got instagram because all the photos there are so heavily edited by these phone apps, just like the one I posted above. I’ve change the position of my desk, so that now it’s facing the window. I love windows, I love the fact that I’m able o open … More Contrast.

ahh lifeeee.

  *Venice, 2010. I miss travelling. I miss looking at things from a fresh perspective, because we become so used to our current environment that things become unnoticed. * * * Ah my fourth year has officially started. I’ve gotten my project title, and since then I have been searching for countless literature for it. … More ahh lifeeee.

New crib lol

I’ve arrived safely back to the uk, and boy, it was a long journey. I spent the entire afternoon unpacking all my stuff, which ended up with me having a flu right now. -.- but at least all my things have their own places now. Before. After. It’s definitely smaller, but it’s still cosy. :))


It’s finally over now. I must admit that it wasn’t a really pleasant experience, I was so nervous in the morning so I decided to walk there earlier just to get out of the house and some fresh air. But when I arrived, I flipped through my notes again and that’s when my heart starts … More Maybes.