Nothing is impossible. Today is the first time I cried out of happiness. I thought I dont stand a chance anymore, but I was wrong. :) I feel so very lucky. Maybe having clear goals helped me a little. :DD

It’s one of those days. When it’s under-staffed and everyone is feeling pressured. Urgh. Just feel like ranting.

week 5.

I have had a pretty eventful week, with an important review with my manager on Tuesday, an outing with his family on Wednesday and ended the week with lots of packing and cleaning during the weekends. The review turned out to be pretty good, I’ve received some really positive feedbacks and they have told me … More week 5.


Again. Life has an uncanny  ability to repeat itself. This feeling is all too familiar, the silence, the palpitations, the background noises as an attempt to drown the silence, and the large space that consists of only me (and two cats). I could practically spend my whole day without using my voice once. That’s the … More solitude.

Friday the 13th

It has been a whirlwind. And now, solitary will be my fortress until my knight in shining armor comes riding on his white horse. I kid. It really has been a whirlwind recently. Had some good days and of course, some bad days which I am not allowed to discuss here since it’s work related. … More Friday the 13th