Drifting amongst nothingness Just floating swaying along the currents The sea, too calm gently lapping against the shore again and again under the starlit skies And I, still drifting thoughts strewn across my mind jumbled, knotted thoughts too crowded within my cranium Advertisements


Our minds seem to enjoy disillusioning ourselves. How often have you experienced an overactive mind, leading to a sleepless night? It always knows the darkest corners of your brain, where your insecurities and fear lies. As odd as it seems, it always appears to prey on these emotions, feeding them with lies, whispering line after … More No.

Once when I was running from all that haunted me to the dark I was succumbing to what hurt unbearably searching for the one thing to set my sad soul free In time I stumbled upon it an inner calm and peace and now I am beginning to see and to believe in who I … More

Shh, listen.

Hush. Do you hear it? The soft murmurs, gently reverberating across the night. Be still, be silent, Calm these loud thoughts That inflict chaos, and turmoils, That subdue the voices within. Only when The night is still, and the mind Void of stray thoughts Only when nothing is left but peaceful silence. Listen, do you … More Shh, listen.


A pause. Ever so lightly, so brief. A millisecond, and A thousand thoughts, a hundred pulses, a glance. Even time froze in its tracks Seduced by the notion Of infinity, of the undefined, and Of uncertainties.

Day 9

(Yes, I’m cheating. This is not 1000 words and this is not appearing daily, because I’m busy. Or maybe it’s just an excuse. Hehe.) The first step will always be the hardest, no matter what you do. Remember the first time you rode a bicycle, the first day of school, the first public speech? I … More Day 9

Day 8 (500 words)

While talking to my friend who was going through a tough time, I told her that hardships like these will only make her stronger. Then, she asked me, “Yes it will make me stronger, but then what? I’ll be stronger and stronger when life throws shit at me, and then what?” Her question got me … More Day 8 (500 words)